CARE Canada Statement: Increased Canadian funding for COVID-19 vaccine equity

OTTAWA, 19 FEBRUARY 2021 – CARE Canada applauds today’s announcement by the federal government of an additional $75 million to support the COVID-19 ACT-Accelerator.

“The only solution to ending the pandemic for everyone everywhere is to ensure universal access to COVID-19 vaccines and this requires related investments in health systems strengthening,” said Rebecca Davidson, CARE Canada’s Head of Programs for Global Health.

“Today’s announcement by the Canadian government of an additional $75 million supporting the COVID-19 ACT-Accelerator is a critical investment in our global health infrastructure and this will help vaccines to reach those who need it most as quickly as possible.”

This investment will help to ensure the availability of COVID-19 vaccines, tests, and treatments for people in low- and middle-income countries and is a strong indicator of Canada’s continued commitment to global solidarity in response to COVID-19.

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