Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine: CARE Provides Emergency Assistance Funding

Millions of people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. CARE is working with partner organization People in Need to provide rapid emergency assistance in Ukraine.

25 FEBRUARY 2022 – Urgent action is needed to avert a looming humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine. CARE has partnered with People in Need to provide emergency assistance to the people of Ukraine affected by this crisis.

Damaged infrastructure, lack of water and food supplies, and eight years of conflict have left significant scars throughout Ukraine. There are already 2.9 million people in the eastern part of the country in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. In light of recent events, this number is rising dramatically. The extent of the humanitarian disaster is difficult to predict.

“The world is now faced with the unthinkable. Yesterday’s dramatic escalation of hostilities is having catastrophic consequences for the people of Ukraine, not to mention wider regional implications. The impact is already being felt by the ordinary people of Ukraine, many of whom were already struggling to pay for basic needs such as heating and food, and now are desperate to find safe haven,” says Sofía Sprechmann Sineiro, CARE International Secretary General.

Rapid response on the ground

CARE International will work with People in Need to distribute urgently needed emergency supplies such as food, water, hygiene kits, and cash to cover daily needs.

The psychological consequences and traumas of the population, already burdened by the ongoing conflict, cannot be under-estimated. For this reason, specialized staff will provide additional psycho-social support for those affected. People in Need will provide an experienced partner to support the people in Ukraine as best as possible. The organization is one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Eastern Europe and has provided humanitarian aid in the affected regions of Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict in 2014.

From forgotten crisis to humanitarian disaster

“This war is bringing a largely forgotten humanitarian crisis into the focus of the world’s attention,” says Sprechmann Sineiro.

“The population in eastern Ukraine has been suffering from the conflict for almost eight years now. Every day is a fight for survival. Besides fear of attacks and violence, millions of people have no access to essential resources and services. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbates the situation.”

“Two thirds of those affected are women and children, who-like women in war zones throughout history-now face terrifying risks of gender-based violence and exploitation during perilous journeys in search of safety. The current situation is deteriorating by the hour and the need for humanitarian aid and protection is rising fast.”


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