The CARE Package

The CARE Package, 1946-present

You’ve most likely heard the term "care package". Maybe you sent one to your daughter or son in college. Maybe you received one from your own loved ones. You might not remember what was in it, but you probably remember how you felt when you sent or received it.

What you may not know is that CARE coined the term "CARE Package" in 1946 when we started sending packages filled with food and other essentials to survivors of the Second World War.  Since then, CARE has evolved over 70 years - from tangible packages of food and household necessities to delivering long-term solutions that no longer fit into a box! Send a CARE Package now.


Do you know someone who received an original CARE Package? Have you received one? We'd love to hear from you and share your story! Contact us at


Anneliese Wendt, CARE Package recipient   Watch: Then providing, today empowering   Siegfried Schroeter, CARE Package recipient