Unleash waves of good

We believe that every person who comes into this world has great potential.

What sets each of us apart is the opportunities that we can access and the barriers that we face. Some of us are held back by poverty, where generation after generation fight to earn a living and provide for our families. Some of us are held back by what society expects from our race or our gender. Still others of are held back by our vulnerability to crisis – whether it’s a natural disaster, an environment broken by climate change or the imminent danger of conflict.

When we work together, we can dissolve these inequalities

Whether you live in Canada, Ethiopia or Peru, our humanity is the same. A mother living in poverty wants the same for her daughter as the mother who lives next door to you. And when we come together – unified in passion, dedication and commitment, we are best able to dissolve inequalities.

Lasting change

Our experience has shown that when we remove one barrier, other barriers are knocked down more easily. In other words, an action today has a ripple effect that leads to greater change over time.

When you pave the way for a young girl to go to school, she will ensure that her children go too. When you help seed a woman’s crops, she’ll have food to support not only her family, but her whole community. When you start something good today, your actions are felt for generations to come. CARE knows this because we’ve been working this way for more than 70 years. Years after we’ve finished helping a community build a water reservoir, communities are accessing clean water. Years after we’ve helped a group of women launch a savings program, the group has continued to save, invest and earn.

Poverty is caused by the inequalities in the world. When you take action, you unleash waves of change that continue to grow for generations to come.