Become a Caregiver

Our canvassers are knocking on doors across cities in Canada inviting you to join the fight against poverty!

These friendly folks will be sharing information on how you can deliver lasting change in the world. If you are passionate about fighting global poverty, they will ask you to join us in making a difference by becoming a monthly donor.

Monthly giving is simple, easy and saves time and administration costs - meaning your gift goes further. Monthly giving is important because it allows CARE to better plan and budget our work fighting poverty and social injustice. The better we are able to plan – the more people we are able to help! And did we mention how good it feels to know you’re making a difference around the world each and every month?

If we knock on your door with a big smile, please say hello and have a chat!

Or sign up to join our monthly giving program online right now!

Become a Caregiver