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15 Minutes on Getting Together

We all want to change the world – but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. In this episode we talk with Laura Banks and Sharon Roy about The Get Together, a new community where people who are passionate about changing the world can learn more, network, connect with experts and come together to make a difference.

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15 Minutes on Safe Deliveries

After a difficult birth of her own Manju wanted to make sure others didn’t have to go through the same struggles. Our podcast host, Lama Alsafi, shares Manju’s experience and how she has continued to impact her community in Bihar, India.

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15 Minutes on Environmental Impact

To celebrate Earth Day we sat down with Ted Ferguson from the Delphi group to talk about the changing impact we as a society are having on the environment, and what we can do this Earth Day to fight climate change at home and around the world.

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15 Minutes on making March for women

International Women’s Day happens on March 8th every year but is one day really enough? CARE is dedicating the entire month of March for women . In this episode we talk to CARE Canada’s Shaughn McArthur and Simran Singh about why women and girls are at an increased risk during emergencies and how when given a voice in the discussion – it changes everything.

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