Advocating for change

Equality for all: Thoughts from CARE’s gender advisor

Syrian teens participate in peer to peer support groups in a CARE community centre in Irbid, Jordan. Part of CARE's psychosocial programming, teenage girls come together to discuss topics ranging from personal narrative to early child marriage, stress management to gender-based violence. Credit: Mary Kate MacIsaac/CARE

As CARE Canada’s senior gender advisor, I have a keen interest in ending inequality. Throughout my career, I have listened to and focused on working together with women around the world to amplify their voices and ensure they have a seat at the table.

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15 Minutes on making March for women

International Women’s Day happens on March 8th every year but is one day really enough? CARE is dedicating the entire month of March for women . In this episode we talk to CARE Canada’s Shaughn McArthur and Simran Singh about why women and girls are at an increased risk during emergencies and how when given a voice in the discussion – it changes everything.

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Silence is deafening for those at risk

We, as Canadians, need to put pressure on our government to ensure these crises are not ignored, and use their power to negotiate an end to conflicts so people can return home and re-build their lives.

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Make March for women

A day to celebrate women is a key step in this path. So, what if we celebrated for more than one day? What if we made March, in its entirety, for women?

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5 Movies on Netflix that will teach you more about the world

There is so much going on in the world sometimes it feels like you are only getting a taste of what all the issues are. That’s why we found five great documentaries (that you can watch on Netflix right now!) that delve deeper into just a few of these global issues. So grab some popcorn…

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