Day of the Girl: Inspiring Stories of Perseverance

A close up of 3 children holding hands.

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the International Day of the Girl (IDG). It is a day to celebrate and recognize the unlimited potential of each and every girl around the world; a day to advocate for girls to be leaders in their homes and their communities.

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Barbara Grantham – Travel Diary, Part One

From left to right: Michelle Nuun wearing a red shirt and black pants, Dennis wearing a green shirt and khaki pants, Loveness wearing a blue shirt and a multi coloured chitanga, and Barbara Grantham.

I just returned from my first trip to visit CARE projects in Africa since I started. To visit Zambia and Morocco, and learn how CARE and our partners are supporting women’s leadership, was a wonderful opportunity. I kept a diary along the way, that I am now sharing with you.

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Meet Doctor Gisma Awad Hassan Rwah

Doctor Gisma Awad Hassan Rwah

Doctor Gisma Awad Hassan Rwah, the only doctor in the clinic in Gorlangbang, Sudan. Tessa Bolton/CARE Canada ShareTweetShareEmail Meet Doctor Gisma Awad Hassan Rwah Aug 15, 2022 By Tessa Bolton, CARE Canada In the aftermath of the Darfur war, the village of Gorlangbang was completely isolated for over ten years like most of South Jebel…

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Women in Vanuatu Photo Project

Aspiring photographer and Vanuatu Photo Project participant Ann-Ruth has her portrait taken by mentor Valerie Fernandez.

See how four emerging ni-Vanuatu women photographers capture the stories and portraits of graduates of CARE Vanuatu’s Young Women’s Leadership Program (YWLP)!

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