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Earning and saving

Playlist: Slang videos

CARE staff explain some of the complicated terms they use in their international development and humanitarian response work!

Ever heard of an NFI? What does climate change mitigation mean? Watch and listen to CARE staff decode some of the terminology they use in their work in international development and humanitarian response.

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Reflecting on Women Deliver

The CARE team at Women Deliver in Vancouver, 2019

Hosted in Vancouver, this year’s Women Deliver conference brought together 8000 people from 165 countries around the world. Attendees brought with them an ambition to disrupt the imbalance of power that fuels marginalization, injustice and poverty through ideas, solutions, and partnerships that will transform the lives of women and girls.

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Your Valentines Day Gift Guide – That Gives Back

Newborn baby in Tanzania

ShareTweetShareEmail Your Valentines Day Gift Guide – That Gives Back Feb 11, 2019 Love is in the air in February. All kinds of love whether between partners, a parent and child, or friends. No matter who you are getting a gift for this Valentine’s Day, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top 3 gift…

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Stories on the impact of development work

ShareTweetShareEmail Stories on the impact of development work Feb 5, 2019 To celebrate International Development Week we asked our staff how development work has impacted the people we work with and how it has impacted them. We share some of their stories below. “When I was last in Tanzania, I was left inspired by how…

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Hungry for change: Women entrepreneurs in the West Bank

Walking up the steps to a small concrete building nestled amidst oak and cypress trees, it’s hard to believe that this is the site of such a big and important operation. A childcare centre next door fills the air with children’s laughter and I find myself breaking into a smile. We’re in Al Shyoukh, Hebron, in the West Bank…

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Ending inequality in the West Bank

ShareTweetShareEmail Ending inequality in the West Bank Dec 5, 2018 By Kasia Souchen, CARE Canada’s Marketing Outreach Manager This was the third street we had turned down to try to find a route to get us back to Ramallah, West Bank. There was tear gas used on some of the routes so it wasn’t safe…

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