Emergencies and resilience


ShareTweetShareEmail EMERGENCY ALERT: INDONESIA EARTHQUAKE JULY 2019 Jul 16, 2019 Indonesia hit by 7.2 magnitude earthquake with several aftershocks recorded Key Updates An earthquake of 7.2 M occurred on Sunday, July 14, 2019, in Western Indonesia Time (WIB) at 62 km Northeast Labuha, North Maluku. Aftershocks were reported with magnitudes up to 5.8. So far,…

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Finding perspective on the global refugee crisis

The scale of the global refugee crisis is overwhelming. But there are people out there doing what they can to help. Whether it’s those trying to make the best of a bad situation. Or volunteers and donors giving their money and time to help a family start a new life.

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Reflecting on Women Deliver

The CARE team at Women Deliver in Vancouver, 2019

Hosted in Vancouver, this year’s Women Deliver conference brought together 8000 people from 165 countries around the world. Attendees brought with them an ambition to disrupt the imbalance of power that fuels marginalization, injustice and poverty through ideas, solutions, and partnerships that will transform the lives of women and girls.

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What is Women Deliver?

In the coming days you may notice Women Deliver Conference references and shoutouts throughout your social media feeds. Never heard of it? Are you currently wondering ‘what exactly is this thing’?

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