CARE Gifts for Equality

Video: CARE Gifts for Equality

Every CARE Gift is an item we use in our poverty-fighting work. It is an example of how your support makes a huge difference. Your gift could help families grow healthy food, send their children to school or get lifesaving healthcare and clean water.

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Adapting to the pandemic

Savings group Kyauta Mata in Niger. They were able to obtain funding to set up a small business for making masks. Ollivier Girard/CARE

While COVID-19 has meant adjusting our path, our work fighting poverty, saving lives in emergencies, and creating a better, more equal world continues. Here are some great examples of how we’ve adapted during the pandemic:

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How one farmer is rebuilding after losing everything

Rosemarie Arante, 48, is a farmer who’s house and crops were destroyed when her community was decimated by Typhon Yolanda. She lost everything and has since rebuilt with the help of CARE and the aGAP project. Today she is a story off success, as a small business owner selling seeds, a diversified farm for more stable income and systems that allow better access to market.

Rosemarie lost everything when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines in 2013. Since then (and with a little hlep from CARE!), she has rebuilt her life, earning enough money to send her children to school and is now hopeful for the future.

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