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Sample Tweets

When your grandchildren ask you ‘what did you do to stop this’ what will you tell them? Our house is on fire and this fire must be extinguished. A new day is dawning, transformational change is the only
solution to the #ClimateEmergency. #CARE4Climate

Youth have been striking for stronger #ClimateAction across the world. It is time for the adults to join the call for governments to rapidly reduce emissions & transition to renewable energies, while building resilience against unavoidable climate impacts. #CARE4Climate

September 20-27, people everywhere will join the youth in the streets to demand #ClimateJustice. Many governments are not delivering #climate action on their own: we must show them what people power is
capable of. Join us & take action: #CARE4Climate

Sample Posts

Countless young people around the world have walked out of their classes over the past year to demand climate justice from politicians. On Sept 20-27, CARE is joining them in places around the world to demand that the poor do not pay the price for the climate crisis.

Will you join us? #CARE4Climate