When more women work, economies grow.

If half of the world's population continues to have fewer rights and opportunities (think something as simple as having a bank account or starting a business) than the other half, inequality will continue to fuel poverty.

Women’s economic empowerment describes how we help women unleash their potential to earn and save.  CARE works with women to help them access the resources, tools, skills and power to change their own lives.


Skills and leadership training

We work with women to help them develop the skills they need to earn money, grow their self-confidence, build a successful business and sell goods in a marketplace.


Savings groups

Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) bring women together to save and loan money. Members, usually women, each contribute a small amount to the group savings every month. Loans are made from this pot so that members can grow a business, send their children to school or purchase food for her family. The interest they pay helps grow the pool and the members' success.


Investing in equality

Discriminatory laws, policies and expectations of how a woman should behave can often exclude women or put them at risk. CARE brings organizations, governments and communities together to promote safe and fair working conditions and challenge barriers to equal rights. We work with banks, governments and local partners to help women save and grow their money.