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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people of all genders, however, women and girls have suffered disproportionately.

Our collective front line—first responders, providers, caretakers, activists and leaders—is predominantly women. When women have had the opportunity to lead, they have achieved great things. But more often than not, their voices have been absent from decision-making. We have left too many obstacles in their way.

  • Nearly half of women’s estimated $3 trillion USD contributions to global health work are unpaid and unrecognized.
  • Women comprise 70% of global frontline health workers yet are underrepresented in health leadership, holding only a quarter of leadership roles.
  • Women-led and women’s rights organizations receive less than 1% of official development assistance funding—despite most often being first responders to crises in their communities.​​

The 2021 Canadian federal election presents an opportunity for leaders to take meaningful, lasting action to address inequality globally, creating a better world for us all.

We're calling on Canadians to ask their candidate an important question:

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I'm joining @carecanada in asking: Given that recovery from COVID-19 will depend on women leading everywhere around the world, what will your party do to invest in women’s leadership? #ItsOurVote #CdnPoli #Elxn44


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