From natural disasters to climate-related shocks to conflict and displacement, most of these crises have the greatest impact on women and girls. They are often the last to eat in times of drought, often lack the physical strength to escape natural disasters and face sexual violence during conflicts. These hardships perpetuate poverty and inequality.


Preparedness and early action

We work with communities to prepare for and minimize the impact of disasters on women, girls and their families. We reach the most vulnerable communities in the world and help them protect themselves against crisis.


Rushing aid where it's needed most

When an emergency hits, we deploy local emergency-response staff and partner with local groups to provide immediate assistance. This can range from providing emergency food and shelter to ensuring clean water and more.


Building a better future after the crisis

We work with survivors, especially women and children, to help them recover after a crisis. We work with women, girls and their families towards long-term recovery. Communities are then better able to withstand future emergencies for years to come.