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Gillian Barth
President and CEO

Gillian Barth brings over 30 years of global development and humanitarian aid experience to her leadership role as president and chief executive officer at CARE Canada.

Since joining CARE in 1991, as program manager of the Latin America program, Ms. Barth has served in progressively senior positions in a wide range of development sectors, including water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); environment; monitoring and evaluation, corporate resource and business development, global human resources and knowledge management and senior external relations and representation.

Today, as an experienced and passionate leader and strategic thinker, Ms. Barth leads CARE Canada in fulfilling its mission to serve individuals and families in the poorest communities of the world. Leading the successful execution of CARE Canada’s strategic and business plans, Ms. Barth continues to position the organization for success in a constantly changing global environment, ensures the acquisition of timely and essential human and financial resources and actively engages in the governance of CARE Canada and CARE International.

Ms. Barth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations. She volunteers for and chairs numerous non-governmental organization boards, is a regularly sought after speaker and has lived, worked and travelled to over 55 countries on all major continents.

In 2013, Ms. Barth received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for her tireless work with CARE.


Kadry Furany
Vice President, International Operations and Programs

Kadry Furany has been engaged in international development since 1993, mostly with CARE. Mr. Furany started his career as a Field Officer and moved into higher levels of management, specializing in micro-finance and micro-enterprise development. Mr. Furany served several missions at the senior management level nationally and internationally. He joined CARE Canada overseas in 2003, and moved to headquarters in Ottawa in 2006. Mr Furany now leads the CARE Canada International Operations and Programs department which oversees the infrastructure of CARE’s Canada work around the globe. The department provides support both for CARE Canada’s programs and for the programs that other CARE members operate in the countries that CARE Canada manages in behalf of CARE International.


Ana Cristina Gaitán
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Ana Cristina Gaitán joined CARE in 2017 reporting directly to Gillian Barth. Ana has a solid international executive experience and three working languages (French, English, and Spanish).  She transitioned to Canada a few years ago from Mexico where she most recently worked in the role of Executive Assistant to the CEO and other senior executives at Citrofrut, an international agribusiness company, based in Monterrey, Mexico. Ana also has a B.Sc. in Food Industries Engineering.


Edward Grasmeyer
Vice President, Corporate Services
Chief Financial Officer

Ed Grasmeyer is a CPA with more than 20 years of experience in the not-for-profit sector with extensive expertise in budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting and strategic planning. He joined CARE in 2015 after serving fifteen years in a senior finance role with the Conference Board of Canada, one of Canada’s most respected independent research organizations. Ed leads the Corporate Services Department which provides support for CARE Canada and the CARE country offices operations and provides strategic support and direction to the organization.


Mara O’Brien James
Vice President, People, Culture and Brand

Mara O’Brien James has 15 years of experience in knowledge management, employee engagement and leadership. Before joining CARE Canada in 2009, Mara worked in senior management in healthcare, and also had a successful consulting practice with a wide range of clients, including UN agencies, high-tech firms, and government organizations. At CARE, Mara is responsible for Organizational Development, Information & Communications Technology, Human Resources, Change Management, Knowledge Management and our organizational commitment to Gender Equality. Mara has a BA from Trent University specializing in aboriginal studies and education and has also studied organizational development at Carleton University’s Sprott School of Business. Having lived and worked on three continents Mara came to CARE because of our commitment to women’s and girl’s empowerment.


Jessie Thomson
Vice President, Partnerships for Global Change

Jessie Thomson has been working on issues related to international development and humanitarian assistance for more than 15 years. She has a Masters in International Development Studies from the London School of Economics, with a focus on conflict, humanitarian action and forced migration. With a career spanning multiple sectors, including the Canadian public service, the United Nations, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and now CARE Canada, Jessie brings a unique perspective on the critical operational and policy questions facing international development and humanitarian action. She is a respected thought-leader and partnership builder, with both programming and operational experience. Jessie joined CARE Canada in 2011, focused on Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency Response. Now, as Vice-President of the Partnerships for Global Change team, Jessie is responsible for ensuring that CARE Canada is at the leading edge of innovation, tracking the evolving nature of INGOs, mobilizing resources and developing future-ready and impactful programs and partnerships to meet the needs of the most vulnerable communities around the world. Jessie is a passionate feminist and gender equality advocate, bringing this lens to all of her work with CARE. Jessie will be returning to CARE from maternity leave in May 2019.