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  • It's super easy! Once you've been added to The Get Together, you'll get a link taking you to the community.
  • Access to your profile will appear on the top right side of your screen with an option to edit. Once in edit mode, you can add a great pic (or not, totally up to you!) to your profile, fill in the About You section if you like, and you can even add your social media accounts should you wish.
  • Fill in called User Expertise, where you can add specific areas of your expertise, certification, education, etc. This will help you network and identify you as an expert to the community. You can be identified to answer questions or take part in discussions that relate to your expertise. This also ensures that other members are getting expert knowledge and advice.

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Once you join The Get Together, you will find different discussion topics listed on the left side of your screen. Browse the topics and feel free to jump into the discussion! Our current topics are:

Learn. A place to talk best practices and latest trends in international development and humanitarian response. Share reports, tools and resources, ask questions, talk about the latest conference you attended or start discussions about innovation in the sector. This is a place for everyone to learn more about the work of lifting others out of poverty and ending inequality.

Connect. A place in the community where you can network with experts of all ranges in international development and emergency response, including CARE staff!

Careers. Want to work or volunteer in international development or emergency/humanitarian response? This topic area is where you can ask questions, talk about education and experience needed, interact with HR professionals, share job postings and more.

Share. Have you read a great article about human rights, taking action, or making the world a better place? Has there been a video or meme that's inspired you? Have you written a great blog post and captured an amazing picture during your travels? This topic areas is the place to share and engage!

Take Action. Looking for real actions you can take to end inequality? Here's a place to share petitions, campaigns, events, resources and more.

We're always open to adding new topics as our community grows. Do you have a suggestion for a new discussion topic? Contact our community manager here:

Is there an app for the Get Together?

Unfortunately, there isn't, but our online community is fully mobile responsive and you can access it easily on your mobile phone and tablet.

What are CARE Coins?

CARE Coins are our way of thanking you for engaging in The Get Together! Every time you start or participate in a discussion, ask/answer a question, share something, or submit content for us to share, etc. you'll be awarded some coins. CARE Coins can be redeemed for prizes as you collect them.

  • 100 CARE coins = CARE branded mug
  • 500 CARE coins = CARE branded baseball cap
  • 1,000 CARE Coins = CARE branded T-shirt

At the end of each month, we'll award the community member with the most CARE Coins a special GRAND prize to be advertised at the beginning of each month. Examples of grand prizes may include tech gadgets, gift cards, event passes, or books, etc!

Reputation Score

Your reputation shows how helpful a member is in the community. Unlike CARE Coins, the reputation cannot be bought or spent. The only way to earn reputation points is by posting useful content in the community.

Every time a member finds your answer useful and upvotes it, you'll earn 3 reputation points. Also, when a member follows your question you'll earn 1 reputation point.

Ask an expert

Our members have a wide range of knowledge and expertise on many different topics relating to international development, emergency/humanitarian response, gender, climate change, food and nutrition, health, safety, career growth and much more. As members interact and engage on different topics and issues, they can be tagged as experts in these areas and as such, may receive notifications to answer certain questions. It is of course always up to the member if they want to respond.

You'll also have opportunities to directly tag members you want to interact with, whether to ask a question, invite them join a discussion, or simply share something with them you think they might find interesting.


Email for any assistance, feedback, questions or concerns you may have. You should receive a response within 2 business days.