Many women and girls worldwide are denied their right to basic health care or do not have the ability to make decisions that impact their lives. This can mean women do not have a choice over what they can eat or feed their children, resulting in poor health for both. Limited support for women's health directly results in death and permanent injury for thousands of women and girls from unsafe abortions or complications during pregnancy and childbirth.

Guided by the voices of the women we work with, we help them access information, services and support for a range of health issues including:

  • Deciding if, when and how many children to have
  • How to achieve a smooth pregnancy, safe delivery and healthy baby
  • Better nutrition through gender-equality

Training and education

We work with community volunteers, midwives, nurses and doctors to improve nutrition, health services and ensure health care providers are able to support women and girls’ specific health needs.


changing the system

CARE works with governments and local health departments to ensure women’s health needs are accounted for and systems are prepared to deliver services for those in need.


Advocate for women’s rights

Together with local partners, we seek to overcome unfair social barriers or rules that prevent women and girls from accessing health services or put them at risk of danger or violence.