Your belief that all people deserve to live in dignity and security can live on.

You can make a gender-just future, a global world where women and girls lead too, where inequality and injustice is overcome, a part of your legacy.

Your future gift will continue to support and empower women and girls in developing countries life themselves and their families out of poverty and crisis.

Girls who dream of a future where they can lead too—where they have a voice and can positively impact their communities—a dream your planned gift can make come true.

A planned gift to CARE Canada shows your indisputable commitment to saving lives, defeating poverty and achieving social justice around the world.

Through this unprecedented time globally, we know that our supporters and those who share our passion for our mission are being immeasurably impacted by the pandemic, as are our staff, partners and those we serve in 100 countries.  We are so appreciative of our donors who have been reaching out to discuss their legacy, and how their legacy hopes will be highlighted through a future gift in their Will to CARE Canada.

How to leave a gift in your will

If you’ve chosen to leave a legacy gift to CARE Canada in your will, here’s the important information for you or your lawyer or other professional advisors may ask for:

Legal name: CARE Canada
Charitable ID: 11883 8333 RR0001

Details on how to leave a bequest to CARE Canada can found below, or you can download the quick reference guide and the optional confirmation form.

Letting us know that you’ve planned a future gift to CARE Canada ensures you are a member of our Circle of CARE Society, where you will receive special updates of our work and future plans, a dedicated newsletter twice a year, and special engagement opportunities throughout the year.

If you are interested in joining the Circle of CARE Society, you can either fill out the confirmation form and send it by email to Zeinab Omer, Senior Coordinator, Philanthropy or by mail to:

CARE Canada
9 Gurdwara Road, Suite 200
Ottawa, ON  K2E 7X6

You can also call to let us know at 647-914-2156

Sample confirmation form language

If you want to add to your existing will, a codicil is a legal clause that can be used to make changes to an existing will, without recreating the entire document. It’s a useful tool for adding a gift to a will that has already been drafted. The exact language will be different depending on the type of gift you choose to make.

Here are details on the types of bequests and well as some sample language you may find helpful:

Residual Bequest: This giving option gives CARE Canada a percentage of your estate:

  1. either after other commitments of your estate (like gifts to family and friends) are first fulfilled;
  2. a percentage of your estate, where estate is divided into equal portions, including a charitable gift – treating CARE Canada like a family member is your estate planning

This option may work best for you in you’re unsure of the total size of your estate.

Sample wording for new Will or codicil for current Will: “I give the rest, residue and remainder of my estate [or ____ % of the residue] to CARE Canada in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, Canada for its general purposes.”

Specific/Fixed Sum Bequest: Also known as a cash gift, this option involves making a gift of a specific dollar amount in your will.

Sample wording for new Will or codicil for current Will: “I give the sum of $ ­_____ (dollars) to CARE Canada in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, Canada for its general purposes.”