March 8th is International Women's Day. This focal point for women’s rights, which began shortly after the turn of the century and was supported by the United Nations beginning in 1975, has gained momentum year after year.

We think it must gain even more.

A day to celebrate women is a key step in this path. So, what if we celebrated for more than one day? What if we made March, in its entirety, for women?

To be successful and truly show overwhelming support for gender equality, we need your help. Join our call to uphold women’s voices and rights in conflict and emergency settings by taking action through one of the ways listed below.

This month, we can walk for gender equality, we can sign in support of gender equality, and most importantly, we can speak up for gender equality. All month CARE will share insights from our staff, from our partners, and from the women and girls who design their own futures with CARE's support. Please take the time to understand and amplify their voices. It’s the only way to the future so many women deserve.

It’s time to celebrate. It’s time to make March for women. Here's how you can get involved:

While women and girls face the greatest risk in times of crisis, we know they are also our greatest community leaders.

We're calling on governments, aid agencies, and local authorities to ensure that women and girls are not only seen and heard within the humanitarian system, but able to play meaningful roles in shaping humanitarian policies and programs. Pledge your support to uphold the rights of women and girls in conflict and crisis around the world.