COVID-19 and other global crises are exposing and worsening existing inequalities, reversing many of the hard-won gains for women—and for equality—worldwide.

Women are on the front lines of crisis—as health care workers, community leaders, caregivers—mobilizing the individuals, communities and support needed to build a more equal, more resilient world.

Women everywhere are leading—in their homes, communities, and countries. But in many parts of the world, women’s leadership goes unrecognized. Women and girls are still fighting for equality. They are often under-represented or even excluded from decision-making spaces, their needs and rights ignored.

When we invest in women anywhere, amazing things happen everywhere.

Join us and make #March4Women.


Women and girls are still fighting for equality, often under-represented or even completely absent from decision-making spaces and opportunities.

When we #InvestInWomen anywhere, amazing things happen everywhere. Join @carecanada and make #March4Women.

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Join the global movement to #InvestInWomen and pledge your support to make #March4Women.


Help amplify the voices and ideas of women leaders  throughout the month of March using #March4Women and #InvestInWomen.

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