To ensure that your support goes as far as it possibly can, our work - whether in an emergency crisis or helping a community grow more food - follows three main approaches:

  • First, we listen to the women and girls we work with. We help them find ways to be heard, working with men and boys to do this most effectively.
  • Second, we bring people together. This could mean a group of men and a group of women. Or it could mean bringing farmers together with groups of distributors who will buy and sell their produce. Sometimes, it means bringing members of government (or those with influence over the laws and systems of a community) together with community members to discuss how they can work together to build a better tomorrow.
  • Third, we help women, girls and their families to build greater resilience to the challenges they face every day. Where a community is vulnerable to natural disaster, we work with women and girls and their families to help them prepare. Where a community is vulnerable to the impacts of climate change - drought, flood and other harsh conditions - we help women, girls and their families to adopt new ways of coping.

By designing thoughtful programs that consider the root causes of poverty and inequality, CARE is able to reach more people with tools and training that help them change their lives forever.

When you support CARE's work, you're really investing in the potential of women, girls, and their families around the world. When we all come together to end inequality, anything is possible.