CARE works with individuals and communities in more than 90 countries around the world.

The best part of our work is sharing the stories of the people we serve – whether directly from them or via our staff in the field, through words, photos, videos, and more. These stories represent why we do the work that we do and they inspire us each and every day.

Because of a credit loan from a CARE program’s village savings and loan association, Haoua has started a business selling condiments in her village.
Like thousands of people living in northern Mali, Hindou Touré’s extended family was forced to leave, pushed towards Niger by the violence of a then emerging conflict.
Sylvie Nyiransabimana’s group is one of more than 80 home-based groups formed in the area to help families care for children under age three, while freeing their time to work and increase their household income.
CARE is providing income to families like Tchima Ibrahim Iro’s so they can buy food ahead of what is commonly known as the lean season.
Rina Begum's soft smile belies the strength and inspiring leadership that has made her both a community and national leader in her home country of Bangladesh.
Florinda is a mother of five children - all under six years of age- living in the poorest region in Timor Leste. Florinda used to fear not being able to feed her young children - but thanks to support from CARE, she was able to join a community kitchen garden group.
For Margaret, and many other women throughout Malawi, village savings and loans groups have given them the opportunity to change their own lives and find support within their communities.