At Risk, Empowered: Women and Girls in Emergencies

During an emergency or humanitarian crisis, women and girls are incredibly vulnerable. The risks to their physical safety, health and education are immediate with long-term consequences.

A 2012 World Bank study of 141 countries found that more women than men die from natural hazards. In countries facing conflict, many women are affected by displacement, extremely high levels of sexual violence and increased poverty. During conflicts and wars, men typically account for the largest number of combatants, while women and children comprise the largest section of civilians affected.

However, we cannot forget the strength and perseverance women and girls possess. At CARE, we have seen mothers and daughters take charge, despite the most trying situations imaginable.

The following report features the stories of two teenage girls and one woman, refugees from Central African Republic, Syria and Somalia.

Vulnerable yes, but also determined and empowered.

This report is best viewed on tablet or desktop. You can download the PDF version here. 


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