Stop Famine Together

Stop famine in parts of African and Yemen

UPDATE: With your help, as part of the Government of Canada's Famine Relief Fund, we raised over $21 million to help save lives in parts of Africa and Yemen.

The United Nations is calling this the largest humanitarian crisis in its history:

More than 20 million people are facing starvation in Somalia, Nigeria, South Sudan and Yemen and tens of thousands more are affected in Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. 

Families in parts of Africa and Yemen now urgently need help, including nearly 1.4 million children facing death from severe malnutrition.



CARE is on the ground in South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Nigeria providing life-saving necessities:

  • We are providing food aid and cash vouchers to parents so they can feed their children
  • We are distributing seeds so families can replant devastated crops
  • We are making sure families have clean drinking water

CARE has a specific focus on assisting women and girls as we know they are particularly at risk of malnutrition and gender-based violence. 

Our teams have been working with communities to reduce the severity of this crisis, but we need your help to meet the escalating need before it’s too late. 

CARE is extremely concerned that conditions will worsen in all of these countries resulting in more unnecessary deaths. We call on all parties to the conflicts to allow unfettered access of humanitarian aid to those in need, and calls on donors to provide the necessary funding needed to save more lives.

Donate to provide emergency relief now.


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