Urgent need in South Sudan

Young South Sudanese girl who was forced from her home to to conflict in South Sudan. was admitted to CARE's ot patient therapeutic feeding programme after being found to be moderately malnourished.


The escalation of the conflict that began in 2013 across various parts of South Sudan in June and July 2016, has exacerbated an already dire humanitarian situation. One in three people in South Sudan are severely food insecure and malnutrition rates, particularly among children, have reached critical levels. As a result of the conflict and resulting food crisis, famine was declared in parts of the country in February of 2017. 

Presently, South Sudan no longer has areas in famine, but almost two million people are on the brink of starvation and an estimated six million people — half the population — are facing extreme food insecurity. The situation remains critical and your help is needed more than ever.

Statistics on the crisis in South Sudan

Give to CARE today to help women, men and children from South Sudan who are in need of food, water, shelter and safety.



CARE has reached over 935,000 people in South Sudan, providing food, livelihood support, health, psychosocial support and gender-based violence interventions. We also provide emergency nutrition support to malnourished children in Unity State, which is where the famine was declared. 

CARE is also providing support to South Sudanese refugees in Uganda and Sudan with other international and local organizations.

CARE is working to help increase household access to food and promote market based farming. CARE is helping to set up farmer associations and savings groups in conflict affected areas where formal banking systems have shut down, allowing people access to an alternative source of income and a means of saving to improve their resilience to emergencies. 


VIDEO: CARE South Sudan Country Director Fred McCray provides an update on the humanitarian crisis unfolding in South Sudan.


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