Women and Girls Standing up with Dignity for our Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Project snapshot:

  • Project: FANMKAD (Women and Girls Standing up with Dignity for our Sexual and Reproductive Rights)
  • Goal: Improving access to health resources and services, particularly sexual and reproductive health, and rights, of women and adolescent girls in Haiti
  • Target group(s): Women and men (20-49 years old), and adolescent girls and boys (15-19 years old)
  • Where: Haiti, more specifically in 6 communes in the Southeast department and in the West department
  • Duration: 2021-2025 (4 years)

    The situation

    Despite national and global commitments to improve sexual and reproductive health rights in Haiti, poor access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services continues to have significant consequences on the lives and futures of women and adolescent girls, as well as their families and communities.

    Gender inequalities in Haiti are a major obstacle when it comes to the ability of women and adolescent girls to exercise their sexual and reproductive health rights. Women and adolescent girls’ lack of decision-making power, limited access to and control over public resources and services, socio-cultural norms that perpetuate gender inequalities and gender-based sexual violence are some of the many challenges women and adolescent girls face when trying to access sexual and reproductive health services.

    Since 2018, political instability has also hampered the Haitian government’s ability to implement and adopt long-term policies to advance human rights, especially the sexual and reproductive health rights of women and adolescent girls.

    Natural disasters and the COVID-19 pandemic continue to take a heavy toll on women and adolescent girls’ rights in Haiti.

    What we are doing

    CARE, Santé Monde, and Lawyers Without Borders Canada, with funding from the Government of Canada, will contribute, through the FANMKAD project, to reducing existing gender gaps that are keeping women and adolescent girls from accessing sexual and reproductive health services. FANMKAD’s key activities include health provider training, advocacy work, and support for legal and civil society organizations in Haiti-offering psycho-social support and legal services to women and adolescent girls while responding to their needs.

    The project will work closely with local communities, with the aim of improving the ways Haitian women and girls access their rights to sexual and reproductive health care and services. The project will engage men, boys, community leaders, and decision makers to support, promote, and drive gender equal rights and access to sexual and reproductive health services.

    By working together with local partners and local communities, FANMKAD will support women and adolescent girls to have greater control over the decisions that affect their sexual and reproductive health.

    Project targets

    • The FANMKAD project seeks to directly reach 72,424 people:
      • 29,213 women (20-49 years old)
      • 8,239 adolescent girls (15-19 years old)
      • 26,216 men (20-49 years old)
      • 8,656 adolescents (15-19 years old).

    The FANMKAD project will also involve other stakeholders, such as health providers, and legal and civil society organizations.



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