Haiti experienced a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 14, 2021, with the epicenter in the south of the island near Saint-Louis-du-Sud.

The earthquake, which has already led to over two thousand deaths and thousands more injured, has also damaged homes and smaller infrastructure, displacing thousands, with the full extent of the damage still unknown.

Only days later, the island was hit by Tropical Depression Grace, which disrupted humanitarian efforts and raised concerns about landslides and flooding. The death toll is rising each day as search and rescue efforts continue.

The earthquake and tropical depression come as Haiti is already experiencing a political crisis, after the assassination of the President in early July. The resulting unrest and violence throughout the country has cut off supplies of food, fuel, and essential goods and displaced more than 19,000 people from their homes. This has contributed to a sharp increase in gender-based violence and incidence of sexual violence, which nearly doubled in the capital and southern areas of the country.

Your donation today will help families in Haiti access urgent emergency services and support.


CARE was among the first international organizations on the ground in earthquake-affected Grande Anse, building on our ongoing recovery and development programs in the area.

We are currently moving pre-positioned stocks of humanitarian supplies (including water supplies, water purification tablets, and tents) from Port-au-Prince to affected areas. In this first phase of our response, we aim to provide immediate relief to families, including: 

  • Temporary shelter and safe access to drinking water
  • Securing nutritious food
  • Protection, psycho-social support, and awareness campaigns about COVID-19 prevention and gender-based violence prevention and support

Thanks to CARE’s existing infrastructure and staff, we are well placed to address these critical needs of the people of Haiti. With your support, we can quickly expand our ability to provide emergency relief and support efforts now.