The year 2018 saw Indonesia experience a series of natural disasters, which affected thousands of people.

July – August: A series of severe earthquakes struck Lombok, measuring as high as 7.0 magnitude. More than 500 people were killed, thousands injured and over 431,000 displaced.

September 28: An earthquake and tsunami hit the Indonesian island of Sulawesi. More than 2,000 were killed and over 200,000 people displaced. A further 68,000 homes were damaged or destroyed around the populous city of Palu and Donggala district.

December 22: A tsunami hit the shores of Sunda Strait islands late in the evening, killing more than 400 people and injuring 14,000 more.


Together with local partners, CARE responded to all three disasters with vital emergency assistance. Our focus is on women and girls who are often disproportionately affected in natural disasters of this type and are at increased risk of many types of sexual and gender-based violence.

  • In Lombok, CARE’s response included clean water, hygiene and sanitation supplies, shelter kits and other basic items.
  • In response to the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami, CARE has already reached nearly 20,000 people with life-sustaining packages of shelter materials, kitchen sets and hygiene kits which include water purification tablets. CARE is transitioning to provide early-recovery support such as cash-based assistance to help a further 50,000 to help get back their lost income and regain control of their lives.
  • Immediately following the Sundra Straits tsunami, CARE distributed 200 hygiene kits containing sarongs, toothbrushes, soap, detergent, sanitary pads and a bucket for people living in affected villages and displacement camps. We continue to monitor the worrying ongoing activity of the Mount Krakatau volcano in case of further eruptions and devastation.

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