PROLEMPA – Honduras

Promoting Economic Development for Women and Youth in Honduras

Project Snapshot:

  • PROLEMPA (Promoting Rural Economic Development for Women and Youth in the Lempa Region of Honduras)
  • Goal: To improve the economic well-being of small-scale farmers and business owners, in particular women, youth and Indigenous people, in the Honduran Dry Corridor
  • Target group: 3,000 small-scale farmers and business owners (72% of which are Indigenous/non-Indigenous women and female youth)
  • Where: Honduras
  • Duration: 2017-2022 (5 years)

The situation

Women, youth and Indigenous people in Honduras are all at a much higher risk of living in poverty because they do not have the same opportunities or access to services as others. Only six per cent of women are able to access land for farming and business opportunities, and only five per cent are able to get skilled training. This makes it very difficult for women to get credit to start a business. Half of all young people in the country are not working or attending school, which increases the likelihood of living in poverty. Indigenous people are paid one fifth of what non-Indigenous people are paid, which means they are also much more likely to be living in poverty.

What we are doing

CARE and partners have developed the PROLEMPA project, to improve opportunity for women, youth and marginalized people living in poverty to increase their financial well-being as small business owners and farmers in the Dry Corridor. Specifically, the overall objectives of the project are:

To improve how resources (financial and otherwise) are managed by women, male and female youth and Indigenous people living in poverty
To increase productivity and sales for small business owners and farmers, especially those led by or mainly employing women, youth and/or Indigenous people living in poverty.

PROLEMPA is implemented by the Consortium CARE/CESO/TechnoServe, in collaboration with technical partners: Société de coopération pour le développement international (SOCODEVI), and SAJE Montreal Centre. The project is funded by Global Affairs Canada with a contribution by Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee corporation. PROLEMPA intends to reach 11,639 people directly working in the coffee and rural tourism economic sectors in three departments of Honduras: Lempira, Intibucá and La Paz.

Learn more

PROLEMPA Newsletter [PDF], July 2022

Project targets

  • By the end of the project, 70% of the 3,000 small business owners and farmers will be able to better and more equally manage their productive and financial resources.
  • This will be facilitated by ten new gender equitable tools established by government authorities and/or private sector bodies.
  • 30% increase in the net income of women, youth and indigenous people leading or working in small businesses, as well as a 20% increase in their overall sales.

Fundraising goals

CARE Canada needs to raise $850,000 from the public for PROLEMPA.


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