Accelerating Sustainable Agricultural Production of Food in Cuban Municipalities

Project snapshot:

  • PROSAM Project: Accelerating Sustainable Agricultural Production of Food in Cuban Municipalities
  • Where: 5 Municipalities in Cuba: Artemisa, Bejucal, Guanabacoa, Guines and Madruga
  • Target population: 5200 men and women, predominately local agricultural producers and families residing in communities and cooperatives.
    Duration: 2015-2021
  • Goal: PROSAM will improve the diversity and quantity of food available in local markets, strengthen the capacities of municipal actors to manage food production plans and support local producers, and ensure that women are involved in agricultural production in their communities.

The situation

Though Cuba is an ecologically rich country with a temperate climate, it currently imports more than half of its food. Nutritious, diverse and available food production is difficult to find in Cuba, and agricultural producers are unable to sell enough produce to be economically stable.

The factors that are contributing to this situation include centralized decision making at the federal and municipal levels, limited access to resources and tools to increase or diversify food production and climate change, mainly due to hurricanes.

As the Government of Cuba and Canada have both prioritized food security, PROSAM is working collaboratively with both entities in the context to respond to the food production difficulties and implement sustainable solutions.

What we are doing

1. Increasing the availability of food through a focus in value chains where the actors and links to the chains agree and set common goals that meet the needs of the local population.

2. Strengthening the capacities of the Municipal Agricultural Delegations and the Soils Institute of Cuba by:

  • Promoting local self-supply of food with the promotion of technology and agro- ecological practices.
  • Influencing the elaboration of agricultural production planes that incorporate the demands of the population and the interests of local producers.

3. Valuing local capacities through the systematization and exchange of experiences, as well as the participation in forums and networks.

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