Venezuela is experiencing an unprecedented and man-made humanitarian crisis, causing a mass exodus of its people. 

More than  three million people—about ten percent of the population—have fled Venezuela  as a result of political instability, hunger, inflation, lack of health care, poverty and soaring crime rates. It has been described as the largest exodus in Latin America in a hundred years.

Women and girls are suffering disproportionately in Venezuela. Trafficking of women for sex and forced labour is increasing throughout the region. The spiraling levels of poverty, both for Venezuelans inside the country and those fleeing within the region, have forced many women into sex work. Their often-illegal status in countries within the region, along with the high numbers of women traveling alone, also increases their vulnerability to exploitation and abuse.


CARE is working with local partners to respond in Venezuela, where 7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. CARE in Venezuela is providing protection, food, water, sanitation and hygiene and health support

CARE is also working in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Our work includes providing assistance for food and shelter, hygiene and sanitation support, helping people deal with trauma, directing refugees to find legal assistance, and working to prevent gender-based violence and human trafficking.