What better
time is there to
save a life than
right now?

$1,506 – that’s what it costs to ensure a family impacted by an emergency can access the basic necessities they need like shelter, hygiene products, water purification supplies, and a stove to cook their meals.

Right now, one in seven people live in fragile or conflict-affected countries, and 68.5 million people are unable to live in their homes. That’s almost double the entire population of Canada, and on average it will be more than a decade before those who have had to flee can return home.

$50,000 is needed by December 31st to be able to help those who need it most next year.


Victoria was self-sufficient before cyclone Idai hit

“The storm destroyed my house and drowned my chickens. The water reached my neck, so I climbed a tree. I stayed there for two days without food or water. My children are safe, but we’ve lost everything.”

Because of your generosity this past year, CARE was able to respond to emergencies around the world. Because of you, we delivered basic necessities like food and hygiene products to women impacted by natural disaster and in crisis zones. We ensured their families had a safe place to live.

But women like Victoria will need more than food rations and soap to rebuild their lives.

Victoria needs the chance to lift herself out of poverty and crisis. You can give women like her that chance by making a year-end gift to help CARE respond where the need is greatest.

Help raise $50,000 before December 31st to help women like Victoria.


Will you consider a gift to help meet this urgent need?

Your gifts show that you care deeply about what’s happening in our world. And because you care, you know that there are no quick fixes when chaos strikes. Your gift is a gift to women and girls who deserve to have someone on their side. Not just when tragedy strikes, but everyday as they work to rebuild their lives. Please don’t wait – women like Victoria desperately need your help to continue rebuilding their lives.

DONATE NOW and help CARE have the resources we need next year to keep this life-saving work going.

What does it cost to support a family during an emergency?

Dignity Kit: $35
Hygiene Kit: $45

handwashing: $36

purification Kit: $25

Spaces: $180

kitchen kit: $50

Emergency family
household package: $200

Cleaning out
latrines: $55

shelters: $800

Cooking stove
& cooking fuel: $100

about care canada

We bring people together to end inequality

Not just for one person, but a whole community. Not just for now, but for a lifetime and across generations. We develop solutions with women and girls and their communities to tackle the big issues facing them like climate change, economic empowerment, food security and emergency relief in times of crisis or disaster.


A History of Lasting Change

Our experience has shown that when we remove one barrier, other barriers are knocked down more easily. For example, when you pave the way for a young girl to go to school, she will ensure that her children go too. When you start something good today, your actions are felt for generations to come. CARE knows this because we’ve been working this way for more than 70 years.


Creating Measurable Impact

In 2018, CARE managed 950 projects in more than 100 countries – reaching 63 million people. We estimate a further 401.3 million people benefited from this work, thanks to advocacy efforts or local partners building on CARE projects in their communities.


Financial Transparency

CARE is a registered Canadian charity. Every year we file an annual return with the Canadian Revenue Agency and have our financial statements independently audited. For more information, please download our latest annual report.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my payment options?

You may pay for your donation with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover®, and Maestro credit cards and PayPal

Will I receive a tax receipt for my donation?

Yes. As a registered Canadian charity with the Canadian Revenue Agency we are able to issue tax receipts for donations. You will be emailed your receipt immediately after your donation is made. For questions regarding tax receipts please contact us at donorrelations@care.ca or 1-800-267-5232.

Where does CARE work?

Last year, CARE worked in 100 countries, reaching 63 million people through 950 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid programs.

Is CARE affiliated with a particular religion?

No. CARE Canada supports people regardless of their race or religion.

Other Ways to Give

Give a gift of a real item that CARE uses to support families during an emergency response.

Donate today to help fight the injustice of poverty.

Create a fundraising event to support CARE’s poverty fighting work while having fun!