"It's not what I do, but how I do it": Susan's story

Susan with her grandchildren in their home in Chivi District, Southern Zimbabwe

Susan is 55 years old and lives with her family of eight in the Chivi District of Southern Zimbabwe.

After taking part in CARE's program in her community, Susan's knowledge about farming and selling her produce has increased. She is part of a village savings group that help members start and grow their businesses. She has improved her own farming skills and is helping others in her community as well.

What's even more important to Susan is that her family, which consists of her three adorable grand kids, always has nutritious food to eat.

"My harvest is very good, and so is my storage. I have confidence that I can have food for my family for a year even if there is a drought," she says.

Susan passes on this knowledge to other farmers in the area in the hope they too will see the benefit of new techniques and knowledge. With more efficient methods and greater profit due to better harvests, Susan has more time to spend with her grandchildren and is able to grow more on her farm to increase her income.

"It's not what I do," says Susan confidently. "But how I do it. We rear goats individually but when we sell them, we look for markets that want bigger quantities, so we can get a better price, by bargaining as a group. I've learned about marketing too! It’s the knowledge I now have that will help me to grow what I want when I want to. Instead of just farming the same crops as everyone else."

Susan is expecting to TRIPLE her production in the next year! Talk about reaping the benefits of a good harvest ;)

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