A last-minute holiday gift list like no other

We've all been there. We try planning ahead, we promise ourselves that this year we will be prepared for the holidays, we swear we will have all our gifts bought and wrapped by the end of November. It won't be like last year, this year I'm on top of it!

Cut to December. You haven't even started looking at what to get for your loved ones and all the other items on your to-do list keep growing.

This year instead of braving the hectic mobs of the shopping mall, why not check everyone off your list from the comfort of your sofa? We've got some ideas to help you out:

1) For the animal lover

Give a goat

Give a goat. Have an animal lover in your life? This is the perfect gift! Goats are cute and very practical. They can be helpful for families to generate income and provide protein-rich goat milk to improve the health of children and the entire family.

2) For the caregiver

Safe baby delivery

Give safe baby delivery. For the natural nurturer in your life, safe baby delivery trains birth attendants, equipping them with the vital tools needed to ensure a baby's safe arrival. 

3) For the foodie

Drought Resistant Seeds

Give drought-resistant seeds. For that foodie in your life, those people who love to eat and share food but also know how important it is for other families around the world. Drought-resistant seeds can help farmers combat dry seasons and still produce enough food for their families.

4) For the bookworm

Send a girl to school

Send a girl to school. We all know someone who loves to learn, whether it's reading lots of books, watching and reading lots of news or taking classes and always studying new things. Sending a girl to school for a year is a great gift for the bookworm in your life.

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