Top good news stories of 2018

Top good news stories of 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, lists of top things from the past year are popping up everywhere. Top trends, news stories, images, videos. So after a year that sometimes feels like it was full of doom and gloom, we thought we'd look back at 2018 by sharing our top good news stories, to brighten your day and show you that, despite the often disheartening headlines, some great things still happened around the world this past year.

Here are the top good news stories (in our humble opinion!) of 2018:

1. Ethiopia elects its first female President

This October, Sahle-Work Zewde was unanimously elected as Ethiopia's first female President, on top of having a new gender-balanced cabinet. Read more

2. World Bank doubles funding to fight climate change

In December, the World Bank announced that it will now be offering $200 billion in financing for the fight against climate change between 2021 and 2025. Read more

3. Refugee kids play in the snow

An adorable video of two Eritrean children relishing their first snowfall in Canada received 2 million views in November. Torontonian Rebecca Davies helped sponsor the children and their mother through the private Ripple Refugee Project. “When a universal, lovely little vignette of kids playing in snow gets this kind of response, it gives me some hope for humanity,” said Davies in one interview.

4. The trapped Thai soccer team

What could have ended tragically brought many to tears of joy when a Thai soccer team was trapped in a cave for over two weeks in June and July. An impressive international rescue mission managed to get all the boys and their coach out safely and reunite them with their families.

5. Mamoudou Gassama

If you haven't seen the viral video footage of Mamoudou Gassama's daring rescue of a young boy hanging precariously on a balcony in Paris, you're probably living under a rock. An undocumented French immigrant from Mali, Gassama  earned a place in hearts around the world when he scaled the building in order to pull the boy back to safety earning the nickname "Spider-Man". The French government promptly offered Gassama not only citizenship, but a job in rescue services.

We hope 2019 brings with it many, many more good news stories like these. Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year :)