Travel hacks to make your summer trips easy

Summer is coming to an end, sad but true and you may be trying to get in one more trip before the fall. To help make your remaining summer trips easy and relaxing, we asked our staff to share some of their best travel tips.

Packing hacks

CARE Canada's staff give their best travel tips

Traveling is fun and exciting but can also be very stressful, one way to set yourself up for success is to pack well and to pack smart! Here are some tips our staff had for the best packing hacks.

“Always bring some clothes in your carry on in case your luggage is lost (I’ve learned that the hard way)” – Rebecca, Program Manager

“ Put your important documents on top or very handy, if possible in a fanny pack or something similar – don’t laugh! It’s very practical.” – Ana, Executive Assistant

“ Always roll rather than fold your clothing. You’ll both save tons of space and reduce wrinkles! – Gabrielle, Program Officer

“It’s small, but it’s important. Bring a good book! – Pierre, Country Director

Travel philosophies

CARE Canada's staff give their best travel tips

Travelling involves more than what you pack, there’s line-ups and airports, new countries, new languages and experiences, hotels and layovers. These are our best tips to cover you from point A to point B.

“Always carry some tissues/toilet paper with you. You won’t need it until you REALLY need it.” – Casey, Program Manager

 “Wear comfortable clothing for the flight with compression (athletic) socks, and no belt or jewelry! It’ll be much easier to get through airport security – and carry a granola bar in your carry-on… just in case!” Joanne, Senior Program Manager

“Stay in hostels, because you’ll meet lots of interesting people. But always splurge on the upgrade to have a private room because those interesting people probably also stay up late partying, will step on your head as they climb into the top bunk, and once they fall asleep, they likely snore.” – Melanie M, Safety and Security Lead

“Travel alone a least once in your life. Especially when you’re younger and still trying to figure out who you are. It makes you become more independent, makes you comfortable with who you are and with other people. You make connections with people you wouldn’t have talked to if you were traveling with people you know. It means that you do what you want to do and don’t have to follow what others may want to do. It allows you to be selfish and to go for what you want no matter what the outcome could be, it was at least your choice.” – Mohammad, IT

The places you’ll go!

 CARE Canada's staff give their best travel tips

Not sure where you should take your next trip? Trying to figure out what places to add to your travel bucket list? Our staff shared some of their favourite places to travel - and they’ve been almost everywhere!

“East Africa, I like how it smells and the people are really kind. I always feel at home.” – Laura, Director Partnerships for Global Change

“Anywhere with good tacos! I love the Mayan Riviera, staying in small coastal villages and eating delicious food. But really anywhere I haven’t been before. It is so interesting to learn about a new culture, place and people. To speak with people who live there, see the sights and experience the day to day life in a new place.” – Melanie W, Human Resources

“I never pick a favourite. The point of travelling is to love every human being on their own terms and to understand all of the glorious cultures in our world on their own merits. The gift of travel is to be able to do this over and over again with every trip you take.” – Margaret, Senior Gender Advisor

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