Update from the Field: CARE's response to Cyclone Idai

In early March 2019, severe weather caused flooding in parts of Malawi and Mozambique. This system escalated into tropical cyclone Idai, which hit close to the city of Beira, Mozambique as a Category 3 cyclone on March 14. The storm continued over central Mozambique and into Zimbabwe.

We sat down with Jacques Larroude, Manager of CARE's Rapid Response Team, to learn more about how his team was able to respond to this natural disaster thanks to the generous support of CARE donors. He shares the challenges his team faced in the early days after the storm hit, what kind of support CARE delivered to help people survive this devastating cyclone, and the support survivors will need to rebuild their lives.

This life-saving work would not be possible without the support of generous people like you. Thank you for your commitment to helping women, girls and their families lift themselves out of poverty and out of crisis.