CARE Bangladesh is responding to one of the worst flash floods in HAOR

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An estimated two million people are affected by the current flash flood, as water levels in northeast Bangladesh have risen over the past few weeks due to constant rainfall in the northeast Indian states. The Government of Bangladesh (GoB) have opened more than 400 shelter centers, and an estimated 5,000+ people are living in them.
CARE is concerned by the number of children who are showing up at health facilities emaciated with the current drought leaving families not knowing where their next meal will come from.

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Preventing a COVID catastrophe in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh

Cox’s Bazar refugee camp in Bangladesh is home to around one million Rohingya refugees, living in close proximity to each other. These are ideal conditions for the spread of coronavirus. Ram Das, Deputy Country Director at CARE Bangladesh, explains how a well-coordinated humanitarian response has prevented a COVID catastrophe.

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