Giving back in the midst of crisis: A BC nurse’s COVID-19 journey

Giving back in the midst of crisis: A BC nurse's COVID-19 journey

Amy is a Registered Nurse at St. Paul’s hospital in Vancouver, BC. After being hospitalized for COVID-19, she started asking friends and family to tie ribbons around the tree in her front yard to keep her spirits up, and to give back to the people that will be affected by this crisis both in Canada and around the world. What followed was an outpouring of support from loved ones, neighbours and complete strangers to create the “Giving Tree.”

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Repaying Kindness: Dr. Paul Loofs

More than 65 years have passed, but Dr. Paul Loofs can still remember the day in 1947 when a CARE package was delivered to his bomb-damaged home in Central Europe. For his family, still reeling from the aftermath of the Second World War, that one parcel represented much more than the canned food it contained.…

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