CARE Canada and the Government of Canada announce funding for new CARE project to address the growing crisis in the Horn of Africa

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CARE Canada is excited to announce a new pilot program that aims to bridge the work between humanitarian and development projects towards more sustainable outcomes. One of the first of its type, the nexus project Lifesaving Health, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and Protection Assistance for Crisis-affected IDPs and Host Communities in the Eastern Zone of Tigray Region will help to bridge the crossover between humanitarian and development programming towards more sustainable outcomes.

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Famine action letter

Mohammed Ali, a 3-year-old child who has been suffering from malnutrition for two years. Mohammed, his two siblings, and his parents often eat only one meal a day consisting of yogurt and bread. Khalid Al-Ashmori/CARE

With 45 million people on the brink of famine, CARE is joining non-government organizations (NGOs) calling on world leaders to take urgent action.

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Adapting to the pandemic

Savings group Kyauta Mata in Niger. They were able to obtain funding to set up a small business for making masks. Ollivier Girard/CARE

While COVID-19 has meant adjusting our path, our work fighting poverty, saving lives in emergencies, and creating a better, more equal world continues. Here are some great examples of how we’ve adapted during the pandemic:

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15 Minutes on Forgotten Emergencies

A group of women who are part of CARE's Every Voice Counts project in Sudan look at the camera and smile. Ala Kheir/CARE

In 2019, Ethiopia faced many challenges including conflict, drought, flooding, and livestock diseases. Around 200,000 people are estimated to have lost their homes and many are now living in camps. On this episode of 15 Minutes to Change the World, we hear the story of Almaz who shares her emotional story of loss and struggle and learn how you can use your voice to amplify the stories of women like Almaz.

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Suffering in Silence : 5 Most Under-reported Humanitarian Crises of 2018

Ethiopia - Josh Estey/CARE

When a major natural disaster or conflict breaks out, it usually grabs the world’s attention. While these large scale emergencies might dominate the headlines, there are many others happening around the world which barely make the news. Here is our list of the five most under-reported humanitarian crises of 2018:

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We’re global citizens now more than ever

Sylvie Madely, CARE Canada’s Vice President of Fundraising, Marketing and Communications (in above photo), travelled to Ethiopia in late 2014 with Douglas Stollery, the co-chair of our Canadians Care campaign. Together, they visited CARE Canada’s maternal and child health and food and nutrition projects funded by the Government of Canada and our wonderful donors. We…

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Helping Moms and Dads Raise Healthy Babies in Ethiopia

Written by Richard Paterson, director of program management and impact, CARE Canada Better maternal and child health means working with moms. And dads. Let me give you an example from a trip I took to Ethiopia… Last fall, I visited a remote health post in the village of Gudina Muleta in the eastern highlands of…

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Blazing the trail for better food in Ethiopia

Written by Heather Barnabe, Program Officer, CARE Canada We are very fortunate at CARE to have moments of profound inspiration. In early July, on a hot, dry day in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia, I met Asha Abdurehman, a woman who will bravely blaze a trail for other women in her community, acting as a voice of…

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