How COVID-19 vaccines make it around the world

Aminata Kalokoh is a nurse in Sierra Leone. She and her colleagues worked with CARE to introduced the Community Scorecard, a process developed by CARE through the Advancing Partners project designed to incorporate inclusive governance practices into health service delivery. Photo: Shantelle Spencer

The world was able to administer 1 billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine within 4 months of starting widespread vaccination campaigns. See how CARE is jumping in to support vaccination efforts in 23 countries around the world:

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Meet a CARE Expert: Marnie Davidson

Marnie Davidson is CARE Canada’s health adviser and program manager for maternal, newborn and child health. For nearly 10 years, Marnie has been living in Ottawa and actively engaged in the field of health and development. She has a wide range of global and Canadian public health programming experience notably in the areas of HIV,…

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