15 Minutes on Supporting Feminist Movements and Organizations

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In this episode of our 15 Minutes to Change the World podcast, we speak with Cindy Clark, the Co-Executive Director of the Association for Women’s Rights in Development—a global, feminist, membership, movement-support organization working to achieve gender justice and women’s human rights worldwide.

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Building forward: Localization and Decolonization of Aid

International Women's Day march in South Sudan, March 8, 2019

We’ve been talking about localization of aid in the humanitarian sector for decades. Localization is the process of recognizing and respecting that decision-making on aid and its implementation should ultimately rest with the affected communities in order to better address needs.

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International Women’s Rights Coalition Calls on Montreal Summit of Women Foreign Ministers to Champion Women Human Rights Defenders at UN General Assembly

A coalition of women’s rights organizations is calling on women foreign ministers participating in a precedent-setting meeting in Montreal this week to make concrete and accountable commitments during the UN General Assembly to recognize, protect and support increasingly persecuted women human rights defenders around the world. In a statement released today, more than 160 women’s…

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