CARE Canada and the Government of Canada announce funding for new CARE project to address the growing crisis in the Horn of Africa

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CARE Canada is excited to announce a new pilot program that aims to bridge the work between humanitarian and development projects towards more sustainable outcomes. One of the first of its type, the nexus project Lifesaving Health, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and Protection Assistance for Crisis-affected IDPs and Host Communities in the Eastern Zone of Tigray Region will help to bridge the crossover between humanitarian and development programming towards more sustainable outcomes.

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Hand washing 101

Children in Nepal washing their hands

See how CARE’s hygiene work around the world has shown us time and time again that regular, proper hand washing saves lives.

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A way forward: How savings helped Baby build a bright future

Baby Yelfaabasoglo vividly remembers the day three years ago when her children were chased from school because their school fees weren’t paid. It nearly broke her heart. She simply couldn’t afford the cost. Like most families in Brifo Maal village in Ghana’s Upper West region, back then, she and her husband barely grew enough food…

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Kids teach a lesson in better sanitation

Poverty affects almost three-quarters of the Honduran population. This lush, tropical country – a resort destination for many vacationers – is easily one of the poorest nations in Latin America. In rural regions, conditions can be especially harsh. There are few job opportunities and access to food and clean water is sparse and expensive. Up…

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Yemen crisis: Risking your life for water

By Lucy Beck, Emergency Response Specialist at CARE Even before the conflict started, collecting water was a risky business. Most water points in the area consist of little more than open wells and it was not uncommon that women or children would fall down them while trying to collect water, injuring themselves, or even worse,…

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Notes from the Field: Djibouti

Like its neighbouring countries in East Africa, Djibouti faced a crisis due to the chronic lack of water and continued presence of Somali refugees, coupled with new arrivals and virtually no humanitarian organizations on the ground. Given CARE’s strength in humanitarian response and CARE Canada’s particular expertise in supporting refugee and host communities, CARE recently…

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