Breaking the cycle of period poverty: Alice’s story

Alice, one of many women who participated in a menstrual hygiene course in Uganda. She chatted with CARE and our partner organization, WoMena, about some of her experiences and challenges with menstruation and how her and her family have overcome them.

On any given day, more than 320 million people around the world are menstruating (Global Menstrual Collective). Still many people around the world lack the proper access to menstrual products, services, and information. This is period poverty.

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“I can help women raise their voices”: Halatu’s story

Halatu Benjamin in the Omugo settlement in northern Uganda. All photos by CARE Uganda.

Concerned that women had to trek nearly 10km to the nearest food distribution point, Halatu, a South Sudanese refugee and her women’s group in the Omugo refugee settlement in Uganda, helped to organize a peaceful boycott to successfully advocate for the food distribution point to be moved closer to the community.

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Adapting to the pandemic

Savings group Kyauta Mata in Niger. They were able to obtain funding to set up a small business for making masks. Ollivier Girard/CARE

While COVID-19 has meant adjusting our path, our work fighting poverty, saving lives in emergencies, and creating a better, more equal world continues. Here are some great examples of how we’ve adapted during the pandemic:

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A ray of hope for refugee women in Uganda

Refugee women making masks in Uganda

For a group of women tailors located in a village in Uganda’s Bidibidi settlement zone, all has not been lost during the pandemic. Their story is a true reflection of the old adage “every cloud has a silver lining” thanks to CARE and support from UN Women.

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Emergency alert: Ebola in DRC

DRC, Ebola survivor

As health authorities respond to Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), agencies are working to stop the spread to neighbouring countries.

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DR Congo, Uganda and Zambia: One of the world’s forgotten humanitarian crisis in urgent need of international attention

A surge in violent conflict and inter-communal tensions has forced more than 781,000 Congolese, many of them women and children, to flee their homes since 2017. The situation continues to deteriorate dramatically as escalating violence, particularly in the country’s eastern region, is causing an exodus in neighboring countries. “Unfortunately, the situation is worsening day by…

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Kindness and humanity, horror and sorrow: Supporting refugees in Uganda

By Thomas Markert, a German engineer who visited CARE’s programs in Uganda During the past few weeks, I visited CARE’s programs in Uganda. I have spent many hours talking to refugees who have fled the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They have told me stories of how they had to leave their homes with nothing…

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