CARE Canada and the Government of Canada announce funding for new CARE project to address the growing crisis in the Horn of Africa

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CARE Canada is excited to announce a new pilot program that aims to bridge the work between humanitarian and development projects towards more sustainable outcomes. One of the first of its type, the nexus project Lifesaving Health, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and Protection Assistance for Crisis-affected IDPs and Host Communities in the Eastern Zone of Tigray Region will help to bridge the crossover between humanitarian and development programming towards more sustainable outcomes.

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Hand washing 101

Children in Nepal washing their hands

See how CARE’s hygiene work around the world has shown us time and time again that regular, proper hand washing saves lives.

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CARE innovations in the last decade

CARE innovations of the past decade

Is innovation more than just a buzz word? We think so! Here are just some of the ways CARE and our partners have worked to integrate smart, culturally savvy solutions for the problems that affect communities all over the world:

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Five ways you can help conserve water

On a hot, humid summer day, what’s better than jumping into your pool or grabbing an ice cold drink? Imagine though when the temperatures rise, rather than turning on your tap or taking a dip, you had to trek four hours in the blistering heat to get water. In addition to this long and sometimes…

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