Barbara Grantham – Travel Diary, Part Three – Morocco

Seven people are standing inside and facing the camera for a photo. They stand in front of two vertical banners that have information about the cooperative.

Recently I returned from my first trip to visit CARE projects in Africa since I became President and CEO of CARE Canada in April 2020. It was a wonderful and inspiring visit to Zambia and Morocco, meeting incredible people and learning how CARE and our partners are supporting women’s leadership.

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Barbara Grantham – Travel Diary, Part One

From left to right: Michelle Nuun wearing a red shirt and black pants, Dennis wearing a green shirt and khaki pants, Loveness wearing a blue shirt and a multi coloured chitanga, and Barbara Grantham.

I just returned from my first trip to visit CARE projects in Africa since I started. To visit Zambia and Morocco, and learn how CARE and our partners are supporting women’s leadership, was a wonderful opportunity. I kept a diary along the way, that I am now sharing with you.

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CARE photographers’ favourite images in 2020

A pandemic kiss in Ecuador by Vicente Gaibor del Pino/CARE

Five of CARE’s photographers have shared their favourite images from the work they saw CARE implementing this year. As we say goodbye to 2020 together, take a look back at these photos—and the people whose lives have been impacted by your generous support.

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Planting the seedlings of change

Mantapala Refugee Camp is located in the Luapula Province of Zambia, on the border with neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. The camp covers almost 50 square kilometers divided into blocks, each of which houses approximately 200 households. More refugees arrive every day.

The first-ever Global Refugee Forum provides an opportunity for countries like Canada and Zambia to share their collective success. CARE’s Jessie Thomson, having spent her career working with refugees and host communities, shares her insights.

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DR Congo, Uganda and Zambia: One of the world’s forgotten humanitarian crisis in urgent need of international attention

A surge in violent conflict and inter-communal tensions has forced more than 781,000 Congolese, many of them women and children, to flee their homes since 2017. The situation continues to deteriorate dramatically as escalating violence, particularly in the country’s eastern region, is causing an exodus in neighboring countries. “Unfortunately, the situation is worsening day by…

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Empowering refugees to empower others

By Megan Nobert, CARE Canada Northern Zambia, along the Congolese border, is a stunning place to find oneself. The water on Lake Mweru ripples a deep dark blue. The rust-coloured earth contrasts with the saturated green of the landscape. Sugarcane grows along the road, in a land overflowing with fruit and fish. It should be a…

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