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How often do Canadians think about money, whether it’s saving it, spending it, borrowing it, loaning it or investing it? Now think of what it must mean for a village woman living in Ethiopia with a small plot of land, but few resources to survive.

Humanitarian needs remain massive for refugees from Kobane, Syria, who fled to southern Turkey late in 2014 as a result of protracted conflict in their homeland.
In response to widespread flooding in Malawi, CARE has started distribution of food to 3,279 flood-affected households in Ntcheu District and will begin the distribution of relief supplies in four districts before the end of the week.

"When we think about CARE and all of the various programs we’re engaged in, at the end of the day, it’s so simple – our focus is women and girls, we empower them, we provide a level of independence and an ability to provide for themselves."