Consumer Engagement & Cause Marketing

As a strong and trusted brand, CARE is able to build on programs in food & nutrition, maternal health, education, and entrepreneurship to build dynamic and engaging consumer campaigns that connect and resonate with your customers. CARE has extensive experience working with consumer campaigns, both in-store and online, within Canada and around the world.

We strongly believe that building long-lasting partnerships is critical to the success of consumer campaigns.  

Many of our global partners are using consumer campaigns to showcase the significant on-the-ground work they are doing with CARE. CARE is committed to working together to build strong partnerships that speak to your consumers while helping you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Cause-Related Marketing

Building a strong cause marketing campaign takes a few things – a great cause, a great corporation and a great partnership! CARE works with companies in a variety of industries – retail, specialty products, restaurants and food – to create powerful cause related marketing campaigns that connect your brand to CARE.

CARE has a long-term partnership with pureDKNY fragrances. During the 2013 holiday season, special gift sets were available in 20 countries around the world in three signature fragrances – vanilla, verbena and rosewater – and includes information about CARE’s Access Africa program that helps women in Africa establish small businesses. CARE also works with pureDKNY to source vanilla - to be used as fragrance - from small-holder women farmers in Uganda.

Teavana in Canada and the US donated a portion of proceeds from three new CARE-branded items to CARE as part of the company’s commitment to our work. Funds raised supported economic development programs serving small-hold farmers working in the tea value chain.

Check-Out for CARE

Creating a turn-key check-out campaign is easy with CARE! Whether you are interested in an Icon/Pinup or round-up campaign, CARE has the brand and knowledge to build a strong point-of-sale campaign for your company and customers.  

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