What We Do

Economic DevelopmentEconomic Development
Expanding economic opportunities allows women and men to lift themselves from poverty.
Emergency ReliefEmergency Relief
Meeting urgent, life-saving needs; providing long-term rehabilitation programs; and preparing communities for future disasters.
Food SecurityHealthy Food and Nutrition
Working to ensure families have a sustainable supply of healthy and nutritious food for today and tomorrow.
Maternal and Child HealthMaternal and Child Health
Fighting poverty starts with a safe pregnancy and childbirth and supporting mothers to raise healthy children.     

Our development and humanitarian programs are comprehensive, incorporating such elements as climate change adaptation; village savings and loans associations; water, sanitation and hygiene; HIV/AIDS prevention; support for refugees and displaced people; and expanding education opportunities.

CARE Canada places a special focus on working with women and girls, as they are disproportionately affected by poverty. Gender equality and women’s empowerment initiatives are central to everything that we do. Learn more about Why Women and Girls.